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New Year's Eve Weather in Indianapolis

What Weather Should You Expect as You Ring in the New Year?


Historically, New Year's Eve is cold in the Indianapolis area. For a detailed weather report of current weather, visit local weatherman, Paul Poteet's website.

Normal Temperatures in Indianapolis on New Year's Eve

Average high temperature: 36°F
Average low temperature: 21°F

Hottest Temperatures in Indianapolis on New Year's Eve

The hottest New Year's Eve on record was over 135 years ago! Back in 1876, the temperature was a very warm 69°F. That is one New Year's Eve I would have enjoyed!

Lowest Temperatures in Indianapolis on New Year's Eve

The coldest December 31 on record was in 1968 when temperatures sunk down to a chilly -12°F. Talk about a cold New Year's Eve!

Wettest New Year's Eve in Indianapolis

In 1890, December 31 was a wet one with 3.81 inches of precipitation and in 1970, snowfall reached a record with 3.81 inches of snow!

Official Indianapolis temperatures are obtained at Indianapolis International Airport. If you live in the Greater Indianapolis Area, your temperatures may vary a few degrees one way or another from the official temperature.

The data included here was obtained from the National Weather Service from records between 1987 and 2010. Past data on weather does not predict what the weather will be like in the future.

Indianapolis New Year's Eve Information

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