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Does Indiana Offer a Free Tax Weekend?


For many states in the country, back-to-school shopping often means big savings when it comes to sales tax. In these states, sales tax is waived on special days or weekends. So, people wait to purchase their big ticket items until those days to benefit the most from the savings. In most states, the special tax-free days are for clothing and school supply purchases only. Restrictions and dates vary per state and even per year.

Unfortunately for residents of Indianapolis, we do not have the benefit of a Tax-Free Weekend or Free Tax Day. And there's really no participating states close enough to rationalize an out-of-state trip. Here's the list of states that participate in the tax-free weekend.

While the discount would be great, we're talking about a 7 percent discount. If you're going to be on vacation in August, it's not a bad idea to see if and when that state offers their tax-free events. You might want to shop while there! For example, Florida participates and it is usually held the first weekend in August - plenty of time to get your supplies before school in Indiana begins.

Just because Indiana doesn't have a sales tax holiday, that doesn't mean you can't save just as much money with savvy shopping. Local retailers offers a lot of great back-to-school sales and they start about mid-summer. When it comes to school supplies, the various chain stores and office supply stores always offer penny deals or very discounted supplies.

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