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A Profile of Southport, Indiana, on the South Side of Indianapolis


Southport, Indiana, located on the southern edge of Indianapolis in Marion County, is like a mini city within the bigger city of Indianapolis. Covering just 0.6 square miles of real estate and serving as home to around 1,850 people, Southport looks more like a typical suburban Indianapolis neighborhood than a city in and of itself, but its residents maintain pride in their city and have a vested interest in its future.


The main intersection is at South Madison Avenue and Southport Road, and a small, quaint downtown area reminiscent of rural Indiana towns lies just to the east on Southport Road. For a more detailed map showing geographic boundaries, see Realtor.com’s map.


The name “Southport” is derived from the fact that the city is on the south side of Indianapolis, and it originated as a port, albeit a landlocked one, for the transportation of goods in and out of Indianapolis. Southport was established as a town in 1832, and in 1853 it became one of the first communities in Marion County to be incorporated. In 1969, a project called Uni-Gov consolidated Indianapolis and Marion County governments into one, but Southport was one of a few areas on the outskirts of the county that chose to be excluded from Indianapolis and remain a city in its own right.


As of the 2000 U.S. Census, the population of Southport was 1,852, with nearly equal percentages of men and women. Approximately 55% of residents were married, 25% never married, and the remainder divorced, widowed, or separated. One-third of households included children under age 18.

A breakdown by age range follows:

  • 19 and under: 27.1%
  • 20 to 34: 16.2%
  • 35 to 44: 18.3%
  • 45 to 54: 14.2%
  • 55 to 64: 11.8%
  • 65 and over: 12.3%

In terms of Southport’s ethnicity, the 2000 census reported that 96.5% of residents were white, 2.4% were of Hispanic or Latino heritage, and other races comprised less than 1% apiece.


According to data reported on Realtor.com, the estimated median value of a house or condo in Southport is $115,900. About 900 homes are currently for sale. The average rental costs $1,050 per month, and about 30 rental properties are currently available.


Perry Township Schools represent Southport’s public schools. They include 11 elementary schools, two 6th-grade academies, two middle schools, and two high schools, as well as the Rise Learning Center for special education and an alternative school.

Private schools in Southport include four Catholic schools for grades K-8 and Roncalli High School for grades 9-12; Calvary Lutheran School for grades K-8 and Lutheran High School for grades 9-12; Gray Road Christian School, Curtis Wilson Primary School and Southport Presbyterian Christian School for grades K-6; and Suburban Baptist School for grades K-12.

Employment, Income and Cost of Living:

Southport residents are employed throughout the greater Indianapolis area in a wide variety of occupations. Seventy-five percent of Southport’s residents work in white-collar jobs, while 25% are employed in blue-collar positions. The estimated median household income for 2007 was $63,244. Southport’s cost-of-living index is 80.4, based on a national average of 100.


Nearly every type of retailer imaginable is within an easy drive for Southport residents, in the neighboring city of Greenwood. Greenwood Park Mall, with anchor stores JC Penney, Macy’s, Sears, Von Maur and Dick’s Sporting Goods plus over 120 specialty retailers, is less than 4 miles away – a mere 7-minute drive from Southport’s main intersection at Southport Road and Madison Avenue. A host of strip malls surround the main mall, and more retailers, including Target and Menard’s, are located at the junction of I-65 and Southport Road.


Dining options abound in the area surrounding Greenwood Park Mall, with most major restaurant chains – from fast food to casual to steakhouses and more – represented. Several fast food chains are also represented near the I-65 and Southport Road junction. Not to miss are Jack’s Pizza at 8069 Madison Ave., which delivers some of the tastiest pizza around, and the donuts at Long’s Bakery at 2301 E. Southport Rd., which consistently get rave reviews throughout Indianapolis.

Plans for Southport's Future:

In recent decades, Southport has experienced some symptoms of decline and neglect, but in 2008, the Southport Neighborhood Action Plan was drafted with the purpose of reviving the community.

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