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From the quiet cobblestone streets of Lockerbie Square, Indy’s oldest downtown neighborhood, to the hustle and bustle of suburban Castleton, Indianapolis is comprised of an eclectic mix of neighborhoods that make their own unique contributions to the city. Tour these neighborhoods and get Indy real estate data and statistics here.
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A Profile of Southport, Indiana, on the South Side of Indianapolis
Southport, Indiana, located on the southern edge of Indianapolis in Marion County, is like a mini city within the bigger city of Indianapolis. The history of Southport; its demographics, schools, and real estate; and shopping and dining opportunities in and near Southport are explored in this profile of the unique city.

Profile of Castleton
Castleton, in Indy's northeast corner, is one of Indy's most popular suburban neighborhoods. While home to more than 40,000 residents, the community is heavily influenced by the retail industry and offers shopping options galore. Equally at home in Castleton are office parks, dining establishments, and a host of hotels.

Walking Tour of Historic Lockerbie Square
Lockerbie Square, just half a mile from Monument Circle downtown, is said to be the oldest residential neighborhood in Indianapolis. Take this walking tour through the neighborhood for a glimpse of what urban life in Indy looked like in the 1800s.

Greater Indianapolis Area Neighborhoods
An overview of neighborhoods in the greater Indianapolis area and the towns and cities surrounding Indianapolis. Discover downtown Indianapolis's mile-square and the attractions in each of its four quadrants, and explore neighborhoods throughout Indianapolis, Marion County, and the surrounding suburbs.

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