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Meet Your Local Government Representatives

Do You Know Who's Serving You at the Local Level?


[p]The city of Indianapolis and Marion County are served by the City-County Council, which is made up of 29 elected individuals, or councillors. Each of 25 geographic districts elects one member, and four more members are elected county-wide to serve in at-large positions. Each Council member serves a four-year term.[/p] [p]To find out who your district councillor is, simply enter your address in the [link url=http://imaps.indygov.org/GovntProfile/0 Government Profile Application[/link]. These fine ladies and gentlemen work for [i]you,[/i] so take a few minutes to get to know them.[/p]

Councillor At-Large, Kent B. Smith, Vice President, Republican

[b]Phone:[/b] (317) 327-4242; [b]Email:[/b] ksmith4ccc@gmail.com

Councillor At-Large, Barbara Malone, Republican

[b]Phone:[/b] (317) 291-4359; [b]Email:[/b] barbara_malone@sbcglobal.net

Councillor At-Large, Ed Coleman, Republican

[b]Phone:[/b] (317) 859-0393; [b]Email:[/b] edward.coleman@gmail.com

Councillor At-Large, Joanne Sanders, Minority Leader – Democrat

[b]Phone:[/b] (317) 283-6040; [b]Email:[/b] jmsanders@msn.com

District #1: Jose M. Evans, Democrat

[b]Phone:[/b] (317) 777-4711

District # 2: Angela Mansfield, Democrat

[b]Phone: (317) 872-3306; [b]Email:[/b] angelamansfield@aol.com

District #3: Ryan Vaughn, Majority Whip – Republican

[b]Phone: (317) 437-7701; [b]Email:[/b] vaughnforcouncil@gmail.com

District #4: Christine Scales, Republican

[b]Phone:[/b] (317) 578-8901; [b]Email:[/b] cscales_2000@yahoo.com

District #5: Virginia Cain, Republican

[b]Phone:[/b] (317) 823-2460; [b]Email:[/b] CainforCouncil@aol.com

District #6: Janice McHenry, Republican

[b]Phone:[/b] (317) 298-5285; [b]Email:[/b] jfmchenry@iquest.net

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