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Explore local and statewide businesses and government offices and the people who make Indianapolis and Indiana work. Also find information on vital city services, such as libraries, post offices, emergency workers, and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
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Voting in Indiana
Need to know how to register and where to go on Election Day? Don't miss out on exercising your civic right to vote! Here's all the information you will need.

Meet Your Local Government Representatives

The city of Indianapolis and Marion County are served by the City-County Council, which is made up of 29 elected individuals, or councillors. Each of 25 geographic districts elects one member, and four more members are elected county-wide to serve in at-large positions. Each Council member serves a four-year term.

To find out who your district councillor is, simply enter your address i…

Governor Daniels Proposes Legal Protection for Teachers
Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is pitching a proposal that would provide legal immunity to teachers who act in good faith to preserve order in their classrooms or other school settings. If reelected, Daniels plans to ask the 2009 Indiana General Assembly to pass a law to this effect.

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