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Valentine's Day Guide

Celebrate Romance Across Indianapolis!


Valentine's Day has arrived in Indianapolis! If you're lost about how to celebrate with your special someone, this guide can help. Featuring information about everything from where to eat, what to do, gift giving ideas and more, the links below will help you begin to plan.

Make Romantic Restaurant Reservations

Romantic dinners are a Valentine's Day tradition. If preparing your own meal doesn't suit you, dining out in honor of the special day is a great way to celebrate your special someone. Restaurants are often booked solid surrounding the holiday, so a little bit of planning is necessary. Make reservations, when possible and if you're favorite restaurant doesn't take reservations, plan to eat early or celebrate on another day close to the holiday to avoid long waits. These restaurants are often named as Indy's most romantic.

Valentine's Day Entertainment Ideas

Planning Valentine's Day events can be exhausting - especially with all the reservations, gifts and entertainment planning. If you want to simplify things, consider going to one venue for both dinner and entertainment. These venues include everything from indoor entertainment ideas to comedy clubs. Check out this list for some date night ideas.

Romantic Date Ideas

So, you're planning the big Valentine's Day date and it has to be special. While dinner and a movie is a staple and there's probably a few ideas that spring to mind, consider doing something extra romantic for the holiday. Get our of your dating rut and plan ahead with these creative ideas.

Top Florists in Indianapolis

Flowers are always at the top of the list for Valentine's Day. Near the holiday, you can find bouquets almost everywhere, including stands along the road, sometimes. But, if you're looking for something beyond the grocery store bouquets, consider ordering from a florist. Keep in mind this is the busiest time of year for them, so ordering early will be helpful.

Indy's Top Chocolate Retailers

Who doesn't love a personalized box of chocolates for Valentine's Day? Sure, you could go to any store and buy a pre-packaged box of chocolates, but if you really want to impress your valentine, get his or her favorite chocolates boxed up personally for them. Not only are you getting fresher, better quality chocolates, but you're going to earn bonus points for going the extra mile.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

When selecting a special gift for someone, a gift that is meaningful and special, taking your time and thinking it through is always the right move. Sometimes, however, time passes and despite best intentions, there's no gift as the special occasion approaches. If it's last-minute and you need some quick gift ideas, be sure to check out this list.

Downtown Indianapolis Carriage Rides

Consider ending your romantic Valentine's Day evening with a tour of beautiful downtown Indianapolis in a horse-drawn carriage. A trip in one of these turns a regular night out into an event. Find out where to catch one and how to make reservations.

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