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Indianapolis Area Haunted Houses

See the darker side of Indy at these terrifying attractions


There's a full moon, the air is crisp and the leaves are starting to fall. It feels like Halloween and that means it's time to get a little spooked. There are a lot of haunted houses in the Indianapolis area. Most of these attractions offer several differently-themed haunted houses in one location. Prepare to be terrified when you visit these macabre exhibits.

Barn of Terror

The Barn of Terror features three separate attractions. Navigate through five rooms of terror in the barn. The second attraction, The Darkness Challenge, plunges visitors into total darkness. The challenge? Getting out alive! The third attraction, Sam's Playground, is a haunted hayride with terrifying twists and turns that includes a psychotic clown!

What: Barn of Terror

Where: 19807 Hague Road, Noblesville

Tickets: $12 for adults; $7 for children under 10; $15 for fast pass

Corpse Manor

Corpse Manor features three separate attractions - Corpse Manor, Night Shadows, and Sinister WoodsCorpse Manor’s theme is based on an old manor owned by Lord Henry Calvert that was built on a graveyard-its foundation composed of dispirited tombstones. Night Shadows plays on your deepest and darkest fears. Sinister Woods is a walking trail through the woods. Beware of the creatures lurking!

What: Corpse Manor

Where: 4700 North Post Road, Indianapolis

Tickets: $15 for Corpse Manor and Night Shadows and $20 for all three.

Hanna Haunted Acres

 Hanna's Haunted Acres is a large Halloween attraction that features a corn maze, a hayride and four haunted houses. Hanna Haunted Hayride will take you out into the elements, through the darkness, where you will encounter all kinds of terrifying creatures. Experience the agony of the movie, Saw or face your fear of creepy clowns in Carnevil. Hide & Seek puts you into the creepy world of Mary Shaw - a woman who had no children, only dolls. When those dolls turn evil - watch out! Something has gone terribly wrong with the patients in Medical Malpractice. Finally, finish the night in Scarecrow's Revenge, a five-acre haunted corn maze that will leave leave you breathless and terrified.

What: Hanna's Haunted Acres

Where: 7323 E. Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis

Tickets: $19 - $35, special four-packs available

Haunted Trails

 Haunted Trails, located at Cool Creek Park in Carmel, is a great way to combine nature with Halloween. Make your way through the “boo-tiful” woods of Cool Creek Park for our annual Haunted Trails Halloween event! Ghouls and goblins are lurking  at every turn and waiting  for you to arrive. Trail not recommended for kids under 12.

What: Haunted Trails

Where: Cool Creek Park2000 E 151st Street, Carmel

Tickets: $5


Indy Scream Park

Indy Scream Park features six spooky attractions. Brickmore Asylum is home to some of the worst lunatics and criminals this country has ever seen. Backwoods has been protected by the Tate family for five generations from the Federal Government. They will do anything to keep people out. Bedlam 3D is a visual masterpiece that will mess with your head. Nachtmahr is the journey into your own nightmares - the ones that you cannot escape. A large meteorite has landed in Infected and the government will try to contain anyone who has been exposed. Enjoy the the Monster Midway - a festival full of food, beer and fun activities such as a tarot card reader, caricatures and much more.

What: Indy Scream Park

Where: 5211 South New Columbus Road, Anderson

Tickets: $19 - $30


 NECROPOLIS: The Haunted City has been exposed to the mortal world. After living undisturbed thousands of years six miles below the surface, the hellish inhabitants are ready to play. Hellusions in 3D is a high-tech 3D experience full of illusions that will mess with your mind and leave you spinning. And if that isn't enough, Dark Terrors is an abandoned government factory that once conducted top secret experiments. Discover the victims for yourself.

What: NECROPOLIS: The City of Perpetual Darkness

Where: 2525 N Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis

Tickets: $12 - $28


Stillwell Manor

Stillwell Manor offers two attractions in one location. Journey through the mansion, lost in time for over a 140 years and face the wrath of the tortured souls that are trapped in time in the Stillwell Manor Haunted House. And for more spooky fun, enter Tantibus and see your nightmares up close and personal.

What: Stillwell Manor

Where: 1704 E 60th Street, Anderson

Tickets: $18 for both attractions

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