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2011-2012 Indianapolis Area School Performance Grades

See How Your Local Schools Compare to Others!


Parents are constantly concerned about their children's education and rightfully so. With so many budget slashes over the past few decades, schools are becoming overcrowded, teachers are making less and extracurricular activities are being cut. But, many schools in the Indianapolis area are still thriving, despite these setbacks.

On October 31, 2012, Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett announced that over 61 percent of Indiana's schools received A or B letter grades for the 2011-2012 school year. The A-F labels were introduced in the 2010-2011 school year. The new system allows parents and community members a clearer picture of the school's overall performance. The A-F model gives a clearer picture of student academic growth, graduation rates, and college and career readiness.

When looking at the data across the entire state, 41 percent of Indiana schools received an A. That number is down from last year when 47.5 percent received an A. In 2010, 43.6 percent of schools received an A. So, even two years ago, more Indiana schools reached top scores. The biggest change occurred in with the B grade. Last year, 9.6 percent received Bs. This year, that number was up to 20.1 percent.

If you are a parent, and perhaps considering a move, this information could prove invaluable. Before you move or make any decisions about what schools your kids will attend, check the last three year's scores to get a good idea of the school's performance.

Below are the latest test results for every county in the Indianapolis area. Each link includes a table that lists every school in the county and their latest scores. The point scores, and 2012 grades are listed first, followed by the past two years' grades.

Boone County Schools Performance Grades

Hamilton County Schools Performance Grades

Hancock County Schools Performance Grades

Hendricks County Schools Performance Grades

Johnson County Schools Performance Grades

Madison County Schools Performance Grades

Marion County Schools Performance Grades

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