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Super Bowl XLVI


If you're looking for information about the Super Bowl, you've come to the right place. Here's everything you need to know about getting around the city, where to stay and what don't-miss attractions the city has to offer!
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Visitor Information

Visiting a new city can be a challenge - especially when the Super Bowl is in town. The following information will help you navigate and answer questions about traveling in Indianapolis during the biggest sports day of the year.

Super Bowl Events

The Big Game is just the beginning of the events taking place in Indy the weeks surrounding the Super Bowl. Here's just a few suggestions of things you might want to check out.

Free in Indy

If you're visiting from out-of-town, chances are you're going to be dropping a lot of dough on Super weekend. There are plenty of free attractions in Indianapolis and many of our restaurants offer free kids meals on special nights. During Super Bowl week, there's a free admission night at the Children's Museum and lots of discounted dining options. Be sure to check out this list before finalizing all your plans.

Don't-Miss Attractions

The city is full of really fun and exciting things to do, Indy is home to some of the best museums in the country. If you have time to see a few sights around Indianapolis, don't miss out on these!

Super Bowl Party Recipes

These recipes were created by Indianapolis Executive Chef Michael Vlasich especially for Super Bowl XLVI. If you're planning a party for the big day, consider making one of these delicious snacks.

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