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Review of Greek’s Pizzeria, Fishers, IN

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Nearly every strip mall in Indianapolis boasts a pizza chain. But after taking a trip to Italy a few years ago, I found myself longing for something more authentic in the Indianapolis area. Disappointed by the tomato paste sauces and ordinary toppings, pizza has slowly dwindled to the bottom of my favorites list. But after a visit to Greek’s Pizzeria in Fishers, my quest for decent pizza may have finally ended.

The Experience

Located at 8800 East 116th Street, Greek’s Pizzeria is casual, yet inviting. The crisp red walls are tastefully decorated with framed newspaper clippings from the restaurant’s colorful history. The bistro-style tables and chairs add to the appeal and a long mirror across one wall gives the illusion of a larger space. Indoors, seating at Greek’s is limited to 10 tables and outdoor seating is also available in warm weather. In addition to the dine-in customers, a large part of Greek‘s business is carry-out and delivery.

The Service

Service at Greek’s is pleasant without being intrusive. Our server was polite and made helpful food recommendations. I overheard several other friendly servers chatting with the customers like old friends, giving the place a real neighborhood feel.

The Food

While the ambiance at Greek’s is fun and relaxed, that’s not why people eat there. The real star of this show is the food. Greek’s specializes in pizza and breadsticks but the menu also boasts an appetizer and salads menu, sandwiches and shells (calzones), a few pastas and a kid's menu. The pizza toppings are vast and there are many specialty pizzas including Hawaiian, Cordon Bleu, Chicken Fajita, Gourmet Wings and Chicken Ranch. All pizzas are made on the delicious homemade hearth baked crust. Entrees range in price from $5.93 to $19.58. Daily specials are also offered.

The Review

As a carb lover, I couldn’t resist ordering the famous breadsticks. They came out coated in a special garlic butter, hot and soft--just the way breadsticks should be. These were quickly devoured at our table. For dinner, I ordered the pasta with meatballs and my husband ordered a Stromboli sandwich and a pizza for the table (half Chicken Fajita, half Gourmet Wings). Our son ordered the children’s pasta with marinara. My pasta was flavorful--particularly the sauce which was both sweet with a hint of spice. I am normally not a fan of meatballs, but opted to try them and I’m glad I did. Unlike a lot of meatballs, they were not greasy at all and the spices really added to the flavor of my dish. In fact, I had to fight to keep my son, who is not much of a carnivore, from stealing them off my plate.

My husband’s Stromboli was also excellent -- served on a crisp piece of bread with fresh vegetables. We intentionally ordered different flavors of pizza because we wanted to try something unique. The Wings pizza left something to be desired. The barbeque flavored sauce didn’t taste anything like barbeque and there was a hint of a creamy flavor that just didn’t work. I didn’t hate it, but I also wouldn’t order it again. The Fajitas pizza, however, didn‘t disappoint and the crust was amazing.

Dessert is simple at Greek’s. There’s one choice: fresh baked cinnamon twists. The cinnamon sugar bread is drizzled with icing to create a sweet conclusion to any meal. These also quickly disappeared at our table despite eating a large dinner.

The ability to order beer and wine with your meal is also nice. The restaurant is family friendly, with a fair-priced kids menu. If the Fishers location is inconvenient, Greek’s Pizzeria also has locations in Noblesville and on Emerson Avenue in South Indy. I would highly recommend Greek’s Pizzeria as the alternative to the regular pizza and sub chains. For price, quality and experience, it is a definite winner.


  • Breadsticks
  • Stromboli
  • Pizza
  • Cinnamon Twists


  • Good food
  • Moderate prices
  • Clean Environment


  • Limited seating

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