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Review of Casler's Kitchen & Bar, Fishers

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Review of Casler's Kitchen & Bar, Fishers

Photo by Tiffany Dailey.

Review of Casler's Kitchen & Bar, Fishers

Chicken Ranch Wrap.

Photo by Tiffany Dailey.
Review of Casler's Kitchen & Bar, Fishers

Old MacDonald's Farm burger.

Photo by Tiffany Dailey.

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Over the years, I'd driven by Casler's Kitchen & Bar, but never tried it. The restaurant is located just off of Olio road, south of 116th street in Fishers. It is located in the same shopping center as CVS and every time I went there, I'd notice it. After years of wondering Casler's, I finally took the opportunity to meet a few friends there for lunch and see what it's all about.

The Experience

Casler's Kitchen & Bar, located at 11501 Geist Pavillion Drive in Fishers, prides itself on being a warm, inviting restaurant and a vibrant part of the town of Fishers. Family-owned, Casler's strives to keep the atmosphere both friendly and fun. Upon entering the restaurant, you are immediately greeted by an inviting fire.

Casler's has recently undergone renovations and now has a new family room. The large room features large booths that can seat six and pub tables. In addition, there are over 11 50-inch TVs and two projectors within the family room. The family room features an arcade play area for kids. Casler's also has a sports bar area for the 21 and over crowd. The bar features more TVs for viewing your favorite sports. In the sports bar, Casler's often has live music performances and patio seating is available, weather permitting.


The Service

When I arrived at Casler's, it was about 1 p.m. so it was a bit late for lunch. In the family room, there was only one other occupied table. The hostess greeted me with a smile and confirmed that my friends had arrived beforehand and were already seated. I had my infant son with me so I was happy to see that the booths were large enough to fit the baby carrier in the seat. More often than not, this is not the case in restaurants. At that point, you can put your baby in a sling beside the table and hope that other guests and servers don't bump him or her over. Or, you can take up tabletop space. We did not have that problem, which was so nice. The booths in the family room would comfortably seat six.

Our server, Jaymie saw that I had arrived and immediately came to take my drink order. Throughout the meal she was very friendly and helpful and even joked with us a little. She was present, but not intrusive. She answered my questions about the menu, offered suggestions and even offered to bring us take-out drinks at the end of the meal.


The Food

Casler's offers a decent sized menu, but there's not a huge variety. The food, for the most part, I would consider pub food. The menu offers standard pub fare appetizers such as wings, quesadillas, nachos and calamari, but they also have have some unique items such as chicken satay and a hummus plate. The menu features salads, sandwiches, burgers, pastas and even pizzas.

Casler's entree selection is limited to only six items, but one entree caught my attention - the Coffee Crusted Ribeye. The steak, as expected, is crusted with coffee and served over garlic mashed potatoes. On their pasta menu, the Greek Pasta offers something different. This dish is spaghetti tossed with sautéed kalamata olives, tomatoes, red onion, artichoke hearts and spinach in a garlic lemon sauce and topped with feta cheese. Note-worthy on the dessert menu is their Elephant Ear which is the traditional fried dough dessert, topped with a caramel sauce.


The Review

Because it was lunch, I opted to skip the appetizer and go straight to the main dish. I wanted to get something different that sort of epitomizes Casler's food. I ordered the Old MacDonald's Farm burger. Anyone with a heart condition should not order this burger as it is a heart attack waiting to happen. But, man is it good! The burger in itself is large. The menu doesn't state its weight but I would guess it's about half a pound. But it doesn't stop there. It is then topped with bacon, turkey, an over-medium egg and cheese. It sounds kind of crazy, but it was very flavorful. The ham and bacon added a strong saltiness to the burger and all the juices from the combined meats caused the bottom bun to disintegrate. That said, I did enjoy the burger a lot and while not a dainty eater, I had to take two-thirds of it home with me. It's a large sandwich. For my sides, I upgraded to the Geist fries which are offered as an appetizer as well. The Geist fries are covered in cheese and bacon. There was a $2 up-charge for "loading" my fries and I honestly didn't find them very flavorful. Next time, I'd probably stick to regular fries.

One of the ladies at my table ordered the Chicken Ranch Wrap. She said while she was at first skeptical of its lack of tomatoes, she was very happy with the wrap. It offers the perfect amount of spice without being overwhelming. My other friend ordered the tenderloin sandwich and also enjoyed it. The portions were adequate and we left without dessert because we were too full. I was disappointed that Casler's didn't offer a lunch menu. While we all ordered sandwiches or wraps, it would have been nice to have the option of ordering smaller portions at smaller prices.

Casler's offers a full bar and has an extensive list of specials. Their website is good and lists daily drink specials and a live music calendar. Casler's offers a full kids menu. In addition, kids eat free on Monday evenings.

I enjoyed my lunch at Casler's. It was quiet and relaxing and the food was good. For lunch, the prices were a bit high and their standard menu didn't offer a large selection. I'm certain that most people could find something to order, however. I'd also like to go back on a weekend night to hear live music. The environment was clean and it is a comfortable place to hang out and chat with friends. If you're in the mood to try a new restaurant or bar in the Fishers area, give Casler's Kitchen & Bar a try.


  • Old MacDonald's Farm Burger
  • Ranch Chicken Wrap
  • Casler's Tenderloin Sandwich


  • Good food
  • Clean Environment


  • Slightly Over-priced
  • Limited Menu


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