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Indianapolis Restaurant Inspection Failures!

Restaurants With Poor Inspection Results in September 2012


One of our worst offenders in September had a violation noted by the inspector that included areas where food was not stored at the proper temperature, employees handling raw food and not washing their hands before touching other food and raw food prep areas not being cleaned properly. While these violations are fairly common in the restaurant industry, they can cause illness.

This list represents those restaurants during the month of September 2012. They deserve our support and our business.

that had five or more Critical violations -- those that are considered a risk for foodborne illness -- during their last inspection. While the Marion County Health Department warns that it's hard to get a good sense of a restaurant's cleanliness from one inspection, I would keep an eye on these and how they perform over the next few months. If they make this list several months in a row, I would avoid them.

Here is the list of those restaurants in Marion County which had five or more Risk Factor Violations, with the worst at the top of the list. After you peruse the worst, please take a look at the many Marion County restaurants that achieved perfect inspections during the month of September 2012. They deserve our support and our business.

Restaurants With Worst Health Department Inspection Results For September 2012

Restaurant Name Address Critical Violations
Taps and Dolls 247 South Meridian Street 26
Denny's Restaurant #7554 5251 West Bradbury Avenue 12
Bamboo House 2330 East 53rd Street 11
Cholulas Mexican Restaurant South High School Road 10
Ike & Jonesy's 17 Jackson Place 10
Mikado Japanese Restaurant 148 South Illinois Street 10
Early Bird Pancake House 8311 Michigan Road 9
El Rodeo 250 South Meridian Street 9
Lincoln Square Pancake House 8041 Madison Avenue 9
Old Oakland Golf Club 11611 East 75th Street 9
Szechwan Garden 3649 Lafayette Road 9
Lorenzo's 15 East Maryland Street 8
Paco's Tacos 4390 North Keystone Avenue 8
Tandoori King Indo-Pak Restaurant 7220 Rockville Road 8
Granite City 7800 Col H Weir Cook Memorial Drive 7
Greek's Pizzeria 6336 North Guilford Avenue 7
Harry & Izzy's North 4050 East 82nd Street 7
King Ribs West 3145 West 16th Street 7
Paradise Bakery & Cafe 8540 Castleton Corner Drive 7
Sahm's Place 2411 East 65th Street 7
Birrieria Andrade 2135 West Washington Street 6
El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant 5636 South Mutual Lane 6
Famous Steak & Lemonade 6707 West Washington Street 6
H20 Sushi 1912 Broad Ripple Avenue 6
Indy 500 Grill 7800 Col H Weir Cook Memorial Drive 6
Keystone Sports Review 5602 North Keystone Avenue 6
Logan's Roadhouse 4825 East 82nd Street 6
Ocean World Restaurant 1206 West 86th Street 6
Wolfgang Puck Express 7800 Col H Weir Cook Memorial Drive 6
Athens on 86th 2284 West 86th Street 5
Canterbury Hotel 123 South Illinois Street 5
Don Jose Mexican Restaurant 8315 East Washington Street 5
Nordstrom Cafe Bistro 8702 Keystone Crossing 5
On Time Restaurant 3623 Commercial Drive 5
Panda Cuisine 9516 Haver Way 5
Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffett 9701 East Washington Street 5

For more information regarding the inspection process or the complete reports, visit the Marion County Health Department website.

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