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Indianapolis Restaurant Inspection Failures - October 2012!

Restaurants With Poor Inspection Results in Marion County


October was a good month for restaurant inspections in Marion County. While September's worst offender received 26 Critical Violations, this period, the highest score was just a five.

One of our worst offenders in October was cited for having rodents or pests present in the facility. Yuck! In addition, the same restaurant had a violation that included not having enough hot water to deal with peak restaurant traffic. This can mean even when dishes are washed, they may not be getting hot enough to kill all the germs.

This list represents those restaurants during the month of October 2012 that had five or more Critical violations -- those that are considered a risk for foodborne illness during their last inspection. While the Marion County Health Department warns that it's hard to get a good sense of a restaurant's cleanliness from one inspection, I would keep an eye on these and how they perform over the next few months. If they make this list several months in a row, I would avoid them.

Here is the list of those restaurants in Marion County which had five or more Risk Factor Violations, with the worst at the top of the list. After you peruse the worst, please take a look at the many Marion County restaurants that achieved perfect inspections during the month of October 2012. They deserve our support and our business.

Restaurants With Worst Health Department Inspection Results For October 2012

Restaurant Name Address Critical Violations
Joe's Crab Shack 7303 US 31 5
Mexican Buffet & Grill 7327 US 31 5
Penn Station East Coast Subs 8246 Rockville Road 5
Restaurante Las Mexicanas 420 South Sherman Drive 5
Taqueria Acapulco 1707 East Minnesota Street 5
Texas Roadhouse 9111 Michigan Road 5
Tian Fu Asian Bistro 3508 West 86th Street 5

For more information regarding the inspection process or the complete reports, visit the Marion County Health Department website.

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