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Tiffany Dailey

Tiffany Dailey

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Tiffany Dailey became a resident of Indianapolis in 2001 after graduating from college. Through various experiences, she has gained valuable insight into all the city has to offer. Contact Tiffany at Indianapolisguide@about.com.


Tiffany Dailey gained a lot of her knowledge about the city of Indianapolis through a position working as an associate for the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association. Through her job, she provided tourists with directions and information about local attractions. Her knowledge of Indy has grown over the years.


Tiffany graduated from DePauw University (Greencastle, Indiana) with a major in English Composition. In addition to her extensive writing education, Tiffany has taken several creative writing courses in Ireland.

By Tiffany Dailey:

Though not a native of Indianapolis, I have a great appreciation for the city and all it has to offer its residents. I feel like we are lucky to live in a fairly safe, clean city that provides a small-town feel with world-class attractions and events. I love helping others discover their city. I have a real passion for educating residents about free events and attractions offered throughout the Indianapolis area.

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